Abortion Barbie is ready for prime time!

WENDY DAVIS: My paraplegic opponent**, Greg Abbott, doesn’t understand my struggle, “hasn’t walked a day in my shoes.”

There’s a gaffe for the ages.”

Via Instapundit & Althouse.

**Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott—Davis’ opponent for governor—has been a paraplegic in a wheelchair since an accident in 1984.

UPDATE:  Now her slogan is “Stand With Wendy.” Fat chance. Lefties have such a talent for shooting themselves. Abortion Barbie’s candidacy was goofy enough. Who could have imagined that she and her dipsy supporters could turn it into a clown act.

2 responses to “Abortion Barbie is ready for prime time!

  1. Yeah… stupid, on top of all else. But I forgot I am not into US internal politics…

  2. Hard not to say stupid when you see it. Abortion Barbie is the epitome of stupid.