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Tasteful Pussy

This is old about Playboy mag’s decline and revival but new to me and therefore…

Tasteful, via commenter rhhardin, I guess, is a side shot of pubic hair. Or, via Laslo Spatula, the immortal nude cleft. Leave the gaping, reddish wide, to porn.

Via Althouse

Trump is slaying Democrats

“The utter self immolation of the Democratic party should be sign enough that Trump is doing a great job. Only two years ago, we were about to elevate a criminal to the highest office in the land, moving to leftist control over every institution in America.

“Trump is different, sure. He is braggadocios, sure. But he is getting results. And the left is spiraling downward. Their hate and venom is being displayed all over and confirming to most Americans that they did the right thing in putting Trump in office.

“The deplorables understand Trump.”—-commenter etbass at Althouse

Yep, we do.

Why I did not watch the debate

For one thing, I knew I could get the juicy details off the Web without bothering to waste ninety minutes of my life, much of it listening to Harpy Hillary lie her way through an obfuscating forest of mildewed cliches.

Another reason is that I didn’t expect the so-called moderator—an NBC drone who would only pretend to be objective—to treat Trump fairly and from what I’ve read so far he didn’t. He sucked up to the Harpy at every opportunity and he even out-Candied Candy Crowley contradicting Trump a few times. He became the third debater. He ought to be ashamed. But he already works for NBC.

But primarily I know who I’m voting for and it’s not Queen Cankles—whom it is being said looked drugged up with a vapid Miss America smile and probably was wearing a wire—and her scummy husband The Groper. Nothing she says or, for that matter, whatever Trump says is going to change my mind.

As James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal put it, all Trump had to do was prove himself to be sane. And the polls are already doing it for him. The Hildabeast had to prove herself trustworthy and she couldn’t possibly do that in ninety minutes. Especially not when decades as a lying, crooked pol and the wife of a lying, crooked pol have proven otherwise to all but her most diehard supporters.

Althouse, who did watch, said: “Overall, I’ll just say that was very unpleasant and I’m glad it’s over. I switched it off without stopping to listen to any of the spin.”

And Mr. B. who watched some of it in between doing his homework: “You were right, it was boring.”

The Dragon Lady is an Android

Funny comment over at Althouse on the Democrats’ Android nominee.

“This wide open hysterical looking ‘gaping maw’ (perfect) look is really troubling. It is as if she can’t just smile or laugh normally. She must be over the top. Huge!!! Maybe she thinks it reduces the wrinkles of a normal smiling face.

“The other thing that she does, which we routinely make fun of, is that when coming on stage or in public in addition to the giant fake open mouth thing, she waves and points at random people in the crowd as if she personally is singling them out for her favor or attention. We say. ‘Oh look. Hillary is point to her imaginary friends again’. Point, wave, gaping maw smile, rinse and repeat. I often wonder if the people she is pointing at turn around and see who is behind them that she is waving at. Wut me?

“Then there is the fake and horrible, spine chilling, hair raising cackling laugh she has.

“Like a robot or alien who is programmed to imitate humans but really hasn’t quite got the programming perfected. The result is off putting, creepy and just not right.”

And what is the black spot on her tongue? Does she have thrush? Did she catch HIV from Slick Willie, the walking STD? Do they really have a sex life?

Via Althouse

UPDATE:  FrontPage Mag has a good take on her Androidness: “Eyes wide, looking suspiciously from side to side, shrilly barking lines into the microphone that stripped them of their emotional context…” Yep, she is a robot…

MORE:  A Hilarious one at that.

The crook versus the racist

So some are styling the coming presidential election. The crooked Hildabeast versus the racist Trump. Gonorrhea or syphilis.

Except I think most people of whatever political stripe do believe that she’s a crook whereas whether he’s a racist or not entirely depends on your political viewpoint.

If Trump’s various tweeting peccadillos are racist, well, that’s the sort of nonsense the Democrat news media hangs on every Republican nominee every four years. If his alleged intention to build a wall on the southern border to at least slow down the waves of new, mainly-Hispanic illegals is racism, well shet my mouf and call me a racist, too, ’cause I’m all for the wall. The higher the better. Not that I ever expect to see one—certainly not in the Rio Grande Valley.

But it’s obvious to me (and I think to most Democrats in their heart of hearts) that Mrs. Clinton is incredibly corrupt. Lying and thieving. And her husband and their daughter (barely out of college and worth $15 million already) and their entourage. Not to mention our little Barry Hussein and AG Lynch. Perhaps Comey as well.

But only the Hildabeast is running for president. If she wins she will go down in history as the most corrupt president—even before she takes the oath. Fortunately it won’t really make all that much difference. Not even eight years of her.

As National Review’s Kevin D. Williamson puts it so well: “Yes, it matters who the president is, but not as much as we think. It matters what the character of our government is and who we entrust to run it, but not as much as we think. Jackass A or Jackass B will do his or her worst, to be sure, and the damage will be both real and painful, but America will go on, because America doesn’t actually need these jackasses as much as Americans think.”

Nor the furriners who have no vote and wring their hands over it all from a distance.

Via Althouse

Actually, Comey convicted her

From commenter John Henry at Althouse:

“First he told us that all the stuff that Hilary was supposed to have done? Yup, she did it. And here’s a couple more things you didn’t know about. He pronounced her guilty.

“Then he said ‘Forget it Jake. It’s Chinatown.’ Oops, no. He didn’t quite use those words. He said:

“‘To be clear, this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences. To the contrary, those individuals are often subject to security or administrative sanctions. But that is not what we are deciding now.

“What I hear him saying is ‘She broke all sorts of laws that anyone else would get in deep shit for. But, you know, Hilary. Not even I can touch her.'”

Via Althouse.

UPDATE:  And, having done such a devastating job laying out the evidence against her, Comey’s may have been only the first shoe to drop.

The murderer vs the clown

Much as I despise Andrew Sullivan, that crowd-following anti-Semite who’s played catcher far too long, his latest at least provides a springboard for chat—thanks to Althouse.

“…one is exciting, risky, and entertaining. The other is dreary, predictable, and medicinal.” Medicinal with unknown but probably deadly side-effects.

Ambassador Stevens could not be reached for comment. And I think (see the comments at the blogfather’s) even he would vote for the clown over the Uterus.

Via Instapundit.

UPDATE:  Now that the Trumpet is the presumptive nominee, the Democrat news media behemoth is awakening from its eight years of slumber. “The knives are being sharpened as we speak.”