Liberal Fascism

originalfingerThe president is possibly the worst in American history: a well-known liar, incompetent and moral degenerate. But he apparently gives insider orders with much more finesse than when he gives opponents the finger on television.

And, thanks to an indifferent Democrat news media, B.O. is  increasingly making the Watergate scandal look insignificant—from the IRS harassment of Sarah Palin’s father to the FBI’s flat refusal to interview Tea Party victims of the Democrat-corrupted tax agency.

Liberals love to whine about alleged Republican oppression of minorities, gays and women but obvious Liberal Fascism is a growing menace. The lefties I know are unabashedly okay with Wormtongue’s assault on conservatives. Some even hope it gets worse. They should be careful what they wish for.

A pattern of liberal political oppression is becoming absolutely clear. It’s gangster government run rampant. There could be hell to pay before it’s over.

One response to “Liberal Fascism

  1. Well, three more years of that and than… what… Hillary?