Scott Chaffin, R.I.P.


His cancer-stricken build didn’t fit The Fat Guy image of his longtime blog. As you can see, he wasn’t fat from side to side or front to back.

He’s the third friend I’ve lost to cancer in recent years and another is dying at the moment. Scott was a self-employed wrangler of digital bovines and my good IT guy, who was dubbed an Internet Angel by one of those deceased friends whose blog Scott also kept in good repair.

Not long ago, Scott helped me rescue the Scribbler from Yahoo and move it here to WordPress. I’ll miss him.

He was an inveterate Texas Rangers fan, even when they didn’t deserve it. So I hope he’s settling in to a box seat behind home plate at the baseball diamond in the sky where it’s always spring and the first pitch of a new season is in the windup and about to be thrown.

UPDATE:  Another memorial, with a pix from SC’s happier times. And one more, a fine one with some appropriate bluegrass, from Andy at MyOldRV.

MORE:  Andy’s bluegrass fits him, but it was high-energy blues that suited him, here.

5 responses to “Scott Chaffin, R.I.P.

  1. Thanks, good sir. Scott spoke quite highly about you verrrry often. Keep updated on TheFatGuy or his Facebook if might make the memorial next Sunday, February 16th.

  2. Cindy, do you have any info on services for Scott? Thank you.

  3. Ironically, we all went out to Scott’s cabin yesterday to retrieve some important records/laptop, and when we arrived the damn thing was on fire. We opened the front door and black smoke bellowed out. Kind of ironic, yet I think Scott would have wanted it that way. I’m pretty sure that wherever he is now, he was laughing his ass off. Anyway, Scott’s mom and daughter, the main memorial planners, are pretty well spent right now. However, I know it’s planned for next Sunday, February 16th around 1 p.m., followed by a beer-buster party in Scott’s honor somewhere TBD. I’ll get details and follow-up with you post haste.

  4. Thanks, y’all. Scott’s cancer-treatment adviser Tom Galli left this comment at Scott’s blog about the upcoming service and further details:

    “A memorial service will be held at the Casa View Church, 2230 Barnes Bridge Rd., Dallas, TX on February 16 at 2 PM. There will be no viewing or funeral. Scott generously donated his body to a medical school so that future physicians might better learn to treat the disease that took his life. Scott would give the shirt off his back to help someone in need, and his donation shows the true mettle of this man. I shall miss him!”