Democrats want you to vote for them early and often

Wormtongue’s “justice” department apparently is convinced that voter id laws, such as the one we have here in Texas, are racist. Because, well, uh, somehow minorities (particularly blacks) are just unable to obtain such an id.

Even here in Texas where the state actually offers them free for voting. All you have to do is bring in an old electric bill to prove you live in Texas.

Meanwhile, back in North Carolina where the NAACP is holding anti-voter id protests, you’re required to have a photo id to come along and wave a sign. Yep. You’re required to have a photo id to protest voter id.

“Of course, to [get into a federal building anywhere], you’ll need at some point to verify your identity. Indeed, to do just about anything these days, you need to verify your identity — except vote, where in blue regions of the country, dead or alive, you’re more than welcome to vote early and often.”

Is this Orwellian newspeak, or what?

Via Ed Driscoll.

UPDATE:  Never mind Orwell. When it comes to Wormtongue’s latest illegal adjustment to federal law, it’s Banana Republic Double Standard Time. Gotta keep those votes rollin’ in.

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