Dirt divers


Ground pounders always get the suck. It’s a law of nature. So naturally the Air Force is aiming to scrap the A-10 Warthog—the best ground-support aircraft since the dive-bombing P-47 Thunderbolt—so they can keep their high-altitude F-35 toy in the budget. Too many fingers in the F-35 pie, no doubt, to allow it to fade into the sunset. Nope. Screw the infantry. Flyboys rule.

3 responses to “Dirt divers

  1. Obama will probably sell the “obsolete” Warthogs to the Saudis, or the Somalis, or, hell, just name an enemy of the United States that is currently lacking in an effective means to kill our grunts.

  2. Hmm. Maybe the Mexicans could use them for crowd control, eh?

  3. Nah. There is that place in Arizona where they keep the decommissioned planes wrapped – just in case. Awesome sight.