Go get ’em, Ted

While the so-called Conservative Political Action Convention chatted up amnesty for the illegal (mainly) Mexicans who will never vote for the GOP, across the street at the Uninvited Convention, Texas Republican Sen. Ted “Abolish the IRS” Cruz was calling the president a fool on the international stage.

“After calling Iran the greatest national security threat, Cruz said that ‘under no circumstances will the nation of Iran ever be allowed to acquire a nuclear weapon.’ He warned of the catastrophic damage that could be done if Iran exploded a nuclear weapon over America’s atmosphere…

“After saying that ‘no rational person is interested in a shooting war between the United States and Russia,’ Cruz offered a variety of solutions to the brewing overseas conflict, saying America should ‘immediately sign a free trade agreement with Ukraine’ and export liquefied natural gas there, which would create jobs at home and lessen Russia’s ability to use its natural resources as ‘economic blackmail’…

He said Russia should have been expelled from the G8 for its actions in Crimea and Ukraine and the Magnitsky Act should be enforced. He also said that re-installing the anti-missile defense in Eastern Europe that Obama canceled in order to appease Putin and Russia should be another priority.”

Makes more sense than the piddle Barry has done: sending a few aging F-15s to NATO and a lone warship into the Black Sea while needlessly whacking individual Russians with visa restrictions.

3 responses to “Go get ’em, Ted

  1. I thought I already commented this: A destroyer ain’t squat. I reckon they think the Black Sea is just crawling with Roosky subs. I understand the Black Sea is a bit small for a modern carrier, but we can reach there from the Med.

  2. Modern destroyers are about the size of WW2 cruisers and carry roughly similar armament, but one is just for show. I like Ted’s idea of responses that help us and Ukraine rather than hurting Russia, though how he thinks we can prevent Iran from getting nukes certainly is unclear.

  3. As long as Puting has its hand on gas and oil pipes’ switch, Europe will behave. And thus US will have to go at it alone. Not a pleasing perspective.