The latest racism hoax

At, where else, another university, this time in Michigan.

By, apparently, a black female student. Can’t say for sure as the U.’s always claim privacy in giving cover to the perps. But the hoax itself (see photo at the link) indicates as much.

Don’t these kids have anything better to do than beg for sympathy (and notoriety) by inventing persecution? Especially with a black president in D.C.?

Or, maybe, it has something to do with Wormtongue’s approval being at 40 percent and that he is generally rated below most other presidents since Truman.

UPDATE:  As commenter Jemarti at Instapundit says: “These ‘racism hoaxes’ are nothing less than racist attacks against whites. The entire purpose of each and every one of these acts is to bring opprobrium on whites and to characterize whites as dangerous, sometimes violent, racists.”

What would some minorities do without their persecution complex?

3 responses to “The latest racism hoax

  1. Brr… I fail to understand the brain that was behind it.

  2. The pathetic technique isn’t limited to race baiters: the Gay community has jumped on that bandwagon too. Birds of a feather.

  3. Not all of the gays. A good exception is Gay Patriot: