Chess pieces making their own moves

It’s pathetic the way Lefties and their pet news media hammer Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas whenever he dares speak his mind in public. Not to mention Condi Rice being booted from a campus “civil rights” event.

Pity they don’t have the wit or the decency to scrutinize gasbags Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the other race hustlers whose tired propaganda the media assaults us with daily.

Thomas’s and Rice’s fates are very similar, of course, to the way the academy silences any black of any nationality who has dared stray from the Leftist plantation. What are these people so afraid of?

Via Miriam’s Ideas (from whom I got the idea for the headline) and Planck’s Constant.

4 responses to “Chess pieces making their own moves

  1. Because Clarence and Condi belie the Lefts very reason for existence. If they (C&C) are legitimate expressions of America, then the Left is not, period. So there can be no acceptance, accommodation, or understanding from the Left only all out war of destruction.

  2. Scrutiny of gasbags is not a bad idea, but could cause a shutdown of much of the TV, radio and almost all political activity.

    Which could be, actually, a good deal all around.

  3. They should know their place.

  4. That seems to be the basic message, racist as it is.