Shillary’s poor-mouth

She left the White House “dead broke,” she wants us to believe, she whose cronies infamously stole furniture and accessories and absconded with the D key from every desktop computer to harass the incoming Republicans.

As NRO’s Jim Geraghty scoffs:

“A woman with a net worth of $200 million, who gives speeches to Goldman Sachs for $200,000 each, is perhaps the single least plausible populist of all time. She may attempt to pose as this reform-minded outsider who will shake up ‘The System,’ when she is perhaps the personification of ‘The System.’…”

No perhaps about it, Jim. If the Queen of Benghazi wins in 2016, as she very probably will, we can expect a continuation of the now 6-year jobless recovery, more bureaucracy-expanding, economy-killing business regulations, and plenty of foreign appeasement—with an occasional cruise missile thrown to make her look tough. While she rakes in the dough (and the graft).

That’s how Slick Willie did it. Speaking of which… Those White House interns better watch out. He may be senile now but he’s still unzipped.

Via National Review Online.

3 responses to “Shillary’s poor-mouth

  1. I dunno – nobody seems to recall when she came under sniper fire in Bosnia. I suspect this will be totally forgotten or glossed over in a very short time.

    My wife’s cousin, one of the lowest of low information voters, who gets all her news from “The View” is convinced of hillary’s veracity. And nothing, but NOTHING, can change her mind.

  2. None so blind as those who will not see, etc. Just like the Worm’s supporters, she’ll learn. Altho it’ll be too late by then.

  3. If GOP (or libertarians, for that matter) don’t come up with a serious candidate, she will win, indeed. Too bad for everyone concerned.