Like minds: Obama and Rodriguez

Officially, President Choom is coming to Austin next week to raise yet more money for his political party, which is seeking re-election despite intentional policies that are prolonging the worst economy since the 1930s.

Unofficially you have to wonder why the great champion of amnesty for illegal aliens (“reform,” don’t you know) would choose to do his begging in the home of filmmaker Robert Rodriquez. R. is best known for “Spy Kids,” a successful string of kiddie action-adventure movies starring his own children.

Well, it might have more to do with Rodriguez’s lesser-known series of super-violent Mexploitation flicks called Machete and Machete Kills which some reviewers consider racist and anti-American. These “revenge” flickers, which include such well known Leftists as Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson, are unsubtle calls for revolution. They champion the slaying of Americans—in Arizona and elsewhere—who dare protest illegal immigration from south of the border.


The Worm’s visit possibly has more to do with Rodriguez’s money than with his politics. The Mooch has expensive tastes, after all, and, as corrupt as the Democrat party is, some of those donations are bound to settle in her account. But you never know. It might be wise to keep an eye on the yard man. Those hedge trimmers are sharp.

UPDATE: Well… protests of illegals bused to one California town soon will be confronted by armed feds in riot gear. Obamalot will have its way.

One response to “Like minds: Obama and Rodriguez

  1. I’ve seen a couple of the Machete flicks. Watchable, until I found out that Danny Trejo is only about two feet tall. I am pretty sure I could take him with or without a machete. Even if Rodriguez was trying to help him out.