Democrat prosecutors get Rick

Figures, and by our (Austin’s) longtime Democrat prosecutors office. No, no conflict there.

“The Texas Democrat… Party called on Perry to resign after the indictment [for “coercion”] was announced, calling the situation ‘unbecoming’ of a Texas governor.” No, no conflict here.

It’s a funny story, if you like tales about alcoholic Democrat prosecutors who throw fits when arrested for drunk driving, and therefore serve 45 days in jail, which is where this began. But not so funny now that they’ve got Rick facing prison time if his defenders lose the case to a (very highly probable) all-Democrat jury.

It’s all too obvious what they’re doing: prepping the battlespace for the Queen of Benghazi. Can’t be having her lizardness facing anyone too strong in 2016. She and Slick Willie might lose. Oh, the horror.

Via FoxNews.

UPDATE: Conservatives, predictably, are not amused. But I bet the drunk-driving district attorney whose grand jury indicted Rick is having a belly laugh. Now. Then, she threw a hissy fit.

MORE:  Law professor Eugene Volokh, of the Volokh Conspiracy, seems to be saying he thinks the indictment can’t be legally sustained, though he admits he’s no expert on Texas law.

15 responses to “Democrat prosecutors get Rick

  1. Run the Lehmberg booking tape on TV, the internet, and radio, non stop for the however long it takes.

  2. PJMedia’s got it up now. I linked to it. But you gotta remember, these Democrats destroyed Tom Delay. He beat the rap but lost everything in the process.

  3. Yeah, I know, but I still say run it till they are blue in the face. A lot of people are saying this is a Clinton deal. I don’t think so. I believe the real target is Abbot, through Perry. Well fine. Just run this tape all over the state and remind everyone that this is a Democrat protecting integrity!

  4. I found a straight YouTube link to Lehmberg’s arrest and booking video and put it as an update to the post. I’ll think about posting it all by its lonesome. Could be about Abbot/Davis but easier to believe it’s about Rick’s constant criticism of Hussein Obama (as a fav Israeli blogger invariably calls him) and the Lizard Queen’s ambition. Davis has no chance outside of Austin and, maybe, Dallas.

  5. I really think the Dems have made a mistake here. I don’t think they have gauged the public’s anger at pols correctly. They assume that by simply having the word indictment tagged onto Perry it’ll damage him long term. They also assume that they’ll control the “narrative” with the Media. But the video is out there and IT will remind people of the incident and I am certain that the public dislikes drunk, loud mouth, overbearing, and fat politicians much much more than an alleged abuse based in political theory.

    • Maybe, however this is not about what the public like or dislike rather it’s whether the laws was broken. I have no respect for either political party involved, but as a associate of law enforcement i can attest to abuse of power by leaders who believes they are untouchable and above the law. It’s disgraceful the Justice System in our country is political and interpretation of guilt is decided base of the location of the court.

      • It’s an old argument, whether the conflict-of-interest is worse when judges and DAs are elected or when they are appointed and you then have to worry about the conflicts of the appointing individual/body. The whole system is human and therefore forever imperfect.

  6. It will certainly damage his livlihood if he has pay his own legal fees, I wonder if Rick has to pay for his defense? He’s already got a civilian lawyer. She delivered his reaction statement. But wouldn’t Abbot, the AG, also defend him since he has been indicted for an official act?

  7. Don’t know. Keep an [eye] on the that font of truth “The American Statesman” for further “news”

  8. It isn’t to convince anyone who is not a dem. It is just to solidify the faithful that they are still in there pitchin’. So it doesn’t matter how many repubs it angers.

    And, Dick, NOW will you concede that Austin should be on the city shit list?

  9. Um, you’re confusing Austin and Travis County. The latter is where all this is originating. Austin has no DA, nor a grand jury. Austin has done and I’m sure will do many stupid things. But this ain’t one of them.

  10. Yeah, the lady was quite wasted in that clip. Oh – I will be very surprised if Perry loses the case. It stinks to high havens. Oh, but I’ve already said something to that effect 😉

  11. No, I’m not confusing anything, Dick. Austin runs Travis County, just like Houston runs Harris County.

  12. As I suspected, the Dems have made a mistake. The national Dems are backing away as quick as it is seemly. Of course it could be a plan of make the accusation then sorta back away and figure something bad will stick in the minds of voters. I do not though think they expected this to look as bad as it does for them with that tape seeing so much publicity. Perry is dealing with this very well, be aggressive in counter attacking and run run that tape.

  13. Both tapes are devastating, the arrest and the booking. She couldn’t shut up or stop arguing, a sure sign of drunkenness. Maybe we’re talking of two different things, JD. Austin has grown to encompass much of the county, but it still doesn’t run county government. Wants to, but doesn’t. Been trying for years to take over such as the DA and meld the sheriff into the police force. County politics just too strong, so far.