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Rule 5: Girl with Gun

Israeli Bullpup version of an AR-15 with a long clip. Black dress optional.

Rule 5: Girl With Gun

Via Power Line Blog

Rule 5: Kaitlin Marie Bennett


Kaitlin Marie Bennett, newly graduated from Kent State University, flaughts the school’s anti-gun policy. And underscores gun rights in the wake of the latest school massacre. She says it’s hypocritical at a school best known for having four Vietnam War protesting students murdered by the government.

That’s what the second amendment is for, in part, protection from the feds.

Rule 5: Girl With Gun

Those hips and thighs qualify her as a plus-sized model

Rule 5: Girl With Gun


About time we got back to the Rule 5s. This nice posterior view is only the start.

Rule 5: Georgia Pellegrini


This gal, who is from New York’s Hudson Valley but seems to now live in Austin, is a real hunter, as well as an author, a chef and a looker who might one day embody the old saying: Looks don’t last but cookin’ does. Check out her site here.

Rule 5: Girl with Gun


Unidentified high school senior in Broken Bow, Nebraska poses with her hunting rifle and buck antlers for her yearbook picture, a smart new policy in the rural school district which is upsetting the Progs. Ah, fly-over country. I love it!

Wish she’d come down here and shoot a few of the deer we have roaming all over our neighborhood thanks to a recalcitrant city council with a Bambi-complex.

UPDATE:  What’s easy in Nebraska ain’t so much in New York, even in the rural upstate region the anti-gun loonies prevail. It takes arguing with a school board.