When boring is good

Mrs. Charm’s struggle with Stage III Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma, DLBCL continues towards apparent remission. So little has changed in the past month it’s become boring to write of and easy to forget to do it.

Fourth chemo session Monday is producing the same familiar exhaustion, and the white-blood cells booster shot on Tuesday some bone pain, but neither was unexpected.

She’s due for another scan next week, a PET this time, after which we’ll know for sure if the cancer continues to retreat from her lymph nodes. That’s what the most recent blood test suggests and the doc found nothing worrisome.

So there are times when boring is good and this is one of them.

4 responses to “When boring is good

  1. Good.

  2. Dick, Bev and I are hoping for the best for Mrs. Charm. Bev’s mother is taking some kind of experimental drug to attempt to put her in remission. She is limited by pervious situations on what they can do for her. We’ll get results after her next round of chemo.

  3. I’m sorry to hear that, Tom. Give her and Bev our best wishes for her recovery.

  4. Best to continue with that boring way of life. Keep hitting the cancer.