$1.89 regular

Who doesn’t like the low-price gasoline these days? Well, my blog buddy Andy down in the South Texas oil patch for one. He’s worried he could lose his job as a shiny-shoe-retiree-gate guard for a fracking operation. Even as it works him to a  frazzle.

Indeed, Market Watch opines that the fall in oil prices is a Saudi effort to strangle the American fracking industry in its crib. The deep-pocket Saudis can live with low-priced oil a lot longer than some of our fracking companies can.

Meanwhile, the new GOP Congress tries to pass a veto-proof approval of the Keystone pipeline. Which seems a trifle late and several dollars a barrel short. But who knows? While other federal pols work to raise our gas taxes. The crooked SOBs.

So let’s all enjoy the $1.89 a gallon regular while it lasts. It surely won’t forever.

Via Wretchard The Cat

5 responses to “$1.89 regular

  1. Knowing the oil industry since I was born, all my adult relatives drillers, tool pushers, roughnecks…

    It’s always been a cyclic profession. They would work 12 hour days 365 days a year, then be laid off for months. They all made damn good money, especially relative to the post-depression South, but it wasn’t really “steady” work, unless you were willing to pick up and move long distances at the drop of a steel hardhat.

    The Saudis may cramp fracking’s style for a while, but we now know how to do it, and that it works, and it ain’t that hard to fire up a bunch of drillers and poke another hole.

  2. And all those folks with their own wells will just slow or stop their pump jacks until the price rises again, For them it’s as simple as flipping a switch.

  3. $1.89? What we pay for a liter… as usual.

  4. Just three years ago we were paying close to $4 a gallon.

  5. I know, we were paying about $2.5 – again, per liter. Oh well…