The Democrats took your birthday cake

Mr. B. gave me a birthday card the other day—along with a package of sugar-free candy and a bottle of bubble juice with a wand for blowing bubbles, one of my favorite activities.

On the front of the card it shows a cake pedestal picked clean and the words: “The Democrats took your birthday cake.”

Inside: “They sliced it up and gave it to people who aren’t fortunate enough to have a birthday today.”

Heh.  Said he found the card in the local drug store. He didn’t see a Republican counterpart. Could be the rest of the country is as tired of the Dems as I am.

2 responses to “The Democrats took your birthday cake

  1. Methinks you should add the snapshot of the card here. Be fair to the readers.

  2. It’s not very interesting, just the empty cake pedestal with some crumbs on it.