Good luck, Ted

The racist Democrat operatives of the news media already are on your case, not even 24 hours after you announced for president. You’ve already become NPR’s “white hispanic,” second to George Zimmerman, killer (in self defense) of the thug Trayvon.

What amazes me is how many Hispanics let them get away with this. Not every Hispanic is brown, as some of the whiter ones will quickly remind you. And they’re white because their ancestry is full-blood Spanish. No Indio.

But it won’t bother Ted. He’ll just use it against the Democrats. He may not win the nomination but it will be fun watching him kick ass trying. Go get ’em, Ted.

Via Instapundit.

UPDATE:  Althouse:  “This is a truly powerful speech. Just brilliant.” The thing about Ted, for those who don’t like him, is that he offers one of the very few chances we have left to stop the continual growth (and intrusiveness) of the federal government.

MORE:  The daily called the speech a “pitch,” the headline writer unable to control his politics. No surprise there.

AND:  To the New Yorker, Ted’s an “uppity loudmouth.” Well, he is a Texas senator. Swagger comes with the job. And the guaranteed disdain of NYC leftists.

2 responses to “Good luck, Ted

  1. Oh, “white hispanic” is on the march, I see. Strangely uttered by same people that will peck you to death for any other deviation from the PC speak…

  2. It’s like a tip-off to their acolytes that it’s okay to slur Cruz. You won’t be called a racist or whatever. Have at him. But I swear he enjoys adversity. He’ll fight back.