Passover cooking

As usual, since I’m retired and so at home all day long, I have the duty in cooking for Passover tonight. I like to read the fancy recipes but I rarely make them. I try to keep it simple. Because it doesn’t always turn out that way.

Last year was fine on the chicken. It’s hard (though not impossible) to screw up a roasted chicken. But the sliced potatoes and zucchini would have been better if they weren’t scorched. And the Israeli salad was too runny. I forgot the natural juices of too many tomatoes would add to the lemon juice and so forth.

I can always buy macaroons for desert. Or similar. Maybe I’ll try a pie this year. Or not.

A good bottle of Kosher wine. But not sweet. I can’t stand the sweet stuff. An dry Israeli wine should do it. Long as it has a K on the label.

At any rate, I have vowed to do better. I hope. Won’t be long now before time to begin. I’m already getting nervous. Shoot, I ought to be a champ at this by now.

2 responses to “Passover cooking

  1. I can fix eggs 6 different ways. Only problem is I can’t tell you in advance which of the six it will be.

  2. Ha. Indeed, I’m always a little amazed by what turns out. This time only the zucchini was a flop. “Why are they so black?” Mrs. C. asked. It was hell trying to turn them over in the popping vegetable oil. I forgot the long fork.