Social Justice Bullies

I was joking around with Mrs. Charm the other day about the self-righteous intolerance of so-called Social Justice Warriors when Mr. B. spoke up to say that the intolerant SJWs are well known to his high school freshmen class.

It’s never too early, apparently, to learn of the vile patriarchy (privileged white males like me and Mr. B.) vs the oppressed (all women and everyone else).

These proto-authoritarian leftist Democrats are misnamed, surely. Social Justice Bullies would be more appropriate. They will not debate or argue. Agree with them or be denounced a racist: “To disagree with the millennial social justice orthodoxy is to make a pariah of oneself willingly. Adherence to the narrative is the single litmus test for collegiate (and beyond) social acceptance these days.”

Collegiate and much earlier, it would seem, even unto the depths of high school.

2 responses to “Social Justice Bullies

  1. I would be curious as to how they’re known to your son and his classmates. Are they despised, avoided, etc. The Democrats in our school era (I think you and I are roughly the same age, save for my past life in Assyria) managed to label Republicans “as the Man” which is still with us today. But in the process of using this to gain power the Dems became the “Man” without realizing it and how it would affect them. Hence you see all their weird contortions of running against the “Man” while denying it is themselves who are the “Man”.

  2. He speaks of them with heavy disdain. And since he’s a conformist in almost every other way, I have to believe his attitude is not a minority one. On the other hand, any white male with a brain would despise them, since white males are their target.

    As for the Dems, I expect them to keep winning the presidency and most other offices until the GOP starts fielding more candidates like Rubio and Cruz. Or blacks or Asians. Certainly more women. If that sounds like capitulating to the Social Justice Bullies, it may be because I think they have a point.

    I’m betting that the days when the GOP could win with a white man are just about over. And it’s not just the Dems who have labeled the GOP “the Man,” but the dominant news media, which is primarily Democrat, and has been whacking GOPers for several generations now. Of course they’ll mock the GOP women-n-minorities candidates, too, like Sarah P., but with less effect I think. Once they’ve begun to win in appreciable numbers, the white men can come back and join them. I’m afraid we’re going to see this in 2016, when Godzillary goes up against Jeb Bush and beats him like a toy drum.