Defining yourself as a series of holes

It’s impolitic, these days, to say so, but the so-called transgender are altogether too weird for me. Not that I want to cage them or anything. I just prefer to stay clear.

I do know the mother of a lesbian who will soon marry her girlfriend. Not as another lesbian, but rather as a so-called transgender male, instead. After the operation, which JD over at Mouth of the Brazos calls an “addadicktome.”

Good luck with that. To my mind these are mentally-ill people who’ve secured the cooperation of amoral and money-grubbing surgeons in mutilating themselves. They can change their genitals and add or subtract breasts but not their genes or their musculature. Not yet, anyhow. And the Jenners among them are going to turn athletics upside down.

As JD says: “Rule changes will quickly follow to allow them to compete, that’s what will happen, and that particular sport will be ruined forever.”

As the late, great shock comic Patrice O’Neal said:  “See, I gave you the chance to talk and you qualified yourself as a series of holes.”

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6 responses to “Defining yourself as a series of holes

  1. “addadicktome” is Rush Limbaugh’s invention – I just used it because it is so frikkin’ perfect…

  2. Perfect, indeed. 😉

  3. If it makes you feel better about the doctors involved, when my wife was getting her nursing degree, she worked with a lot of this. She said the doctors would charge good fees from the self inflicted patients, then use the money to finance trips to South America doing plastic surgery on the children in poverty there that needed it. It’s dated info, it’s been quite a while since she went through school., but still that is how it was.

  4. It doesn’t, actually. It seems to me that it ought to be unethical to cooperate in self-mutilation. Not illegal, just unethical. We have enough laws outlawing this or that already. But I’m sure the surgeons wouldn’t care what I think about it.

  5. Re: Les’ comment.
    The South American charity work is fine, but Sennacherib believes that there is something inherently wrong with the trans gender surgery practice and especially with the people who undergo it. The list of problems is too long even for a 2700 yr old to delineate. There is one facet I shall speak of and that these people who favor all of this and use extreme political and social tactics to further it, should remember, they will not be in power forever and they’ve set precedents they will regret.

  6. What his Majesty here says works for me. Otherwise, it is a morass I would prefer to avoid…