Rule 5: Ayelet Shaken


This fetching Israeli politician, who looks her best from certain angles, is the scourge of leftists around the Middle East and beyond. Heckuva recommendation in itself. In addition to her other, er, qualities.

4 responses to “Rule 5: Ayelet Shaken

  1. My main problem with the lady is definitely not her looks. She is very actively rabble-rousing against the High Court of this land. She doesn’t seem to be able to understand the principle of independence of the three governing branches at all. And this is who seems to get the job of Justice Minister… now tell me we are like all the other normal people.

  2. Has she got it yet? I couldn’t find anything confirming it. “Normal people”? What are they? People in US rabble-rouse against the Supremes all the time. Not to mention pols. Why should the robed rulers be exempt?

  3. Here is her brief CV after the appointment.

    I would accept criticism of the High Court if it were coming from law experts (as it sometimes does), but the sweeping attempts to curb the powers of the court in this case smell of populism and cheap demagoguery, aside of being dangerous to the principles of democracy. She is not just criticizing a specific decision or several decisions, she simply got it into he mind that the court is too powerful for her tastes.

  4. The U.S. Supremes are way too powerful for my taste, but that and five dollars will get you a Latte. If it wasn’t for “cheap demagoguery” here in American we wouldn’t have any politics at all. Probably be an improvement, but, nevertheless… And we have a whole party that plays the populism game. They’re called the Democrats. They specialize in class and gender warfare.