The American Versailles

Of course I remember the comparisons at the time of the well-heeled, news media elites (and hangers-on like Al Sharpton) partying hard at the White House while West Baltimore burned. But I don’t think I saw any of them express its meaning as well as Salena Zito:

“We are over-regulated, forgotten and over-taxed by a national capital that has become the Versailles of its time — the seat of not only political power but of unprecedented wealth, with a desire to emulate Hollywood rather than the regular people who have carried the burden of building and protecting that pretentious city.”

And they’re right good at ignoring the foul economy their policies have produced and sustained.

Via Salena Zito at RealClearPolitics.

One response to “The American Versailles

  1. Yep. The line between democracy and plutocracy is quite thin.