Go get ’em, Ted

Much as I like our senator Ted Cruz, I have to admit he has no chance of being nominated by the Republican Party for president in 2016. And he’s astute enough politically, I’m sure, to know that the Republican primary caucuses, which choose the nominee, are run by the party’s establishment and they have already chosen Jeb Bush.

So why is Ted running? Most pols would do it just to raise a big chest of campaign money they could then plunder for living expenses, careful to follow the letter of the (not-very-strict) campaign-money laws or flaunting it, as is their wont. Democrats aren’t often called on it. Being a Republican, Ted would be, so he’d probably be careful.

But I think Ted is unusually honest for a pol, and so he’s probably running not to fatten his wallet but to build up his name i.d. beyond Texas, while working behind the scenes to influence the party’s establishment for next time in 2020. After Jeb loses in 2016, which he surely will if the Hildabeast is his opponent. As now seems assured.

One response to “Go get ’em, Ted

  1. The list of GOP contenders looks like a football team (sizewize).