Democrat chickens come home to roost

We’ve had troops in Germany since 1945. Troops in South Korea for sixty years. But the Democrats and their incompetent man-boy leader Little Barry couldn’t wait to cut-and-run from Iraq. They created the vacuum that gave rise to ISIS which has now taken back Mosul and Ramadi.

“The defeat is a major setback for the Iraqi government, which ordered a retreat to prevent a massacre of surrendering soldiers and their local tribal allies. If Iraqi forces can’t hold Ramadi, they are a long way from recapturing the city of Mosul, which has been under ISIS control for nearly a year.”

They’ll lose Baghdad next. Now all the families of the Americans who died capturing Ramadi will know what the families of dead Vietnam combat veterans felt when Saigon fell. How many more betrayals can American soldiers stand?

UPDATE:  As Ramadi falls, our Little Barry goes golfing. He has his priorities.

4 responses to “Democrat chickens come home to roost

  1. I hope we’ll not hear that the world has to engage the ISIS/Daesh in negotiations and address their grievances. At least.

  2. sennacherib

    Wanna bet Snoop?

  3. They need jobs, man. And midnight basketball. And advanced college training in women’s studies, sociology, and stuff. Then they’d just quit with the nasty habits.

  4. ISIS would, at best, find the idea of women’s studies laughable. Their women are for labor, sex and babies. What’s to study?