One more reason for Whataburger

“McDonald’s [which will test a kale replacement for its lettuce and] also says its milk will soon be without artificial growth hormones, and chicken (McDonald’s sells more of it than of beef) will be free of human antibiotics. All these might be good business decisions and as socially responsible as can be.

“They certainly pertain to McDonald’s new mantra about being a ‘modern, progressive burger company,’ whatever that means. The meaning will perhaps be explained by the progressive burger company’s new spokesman, Robert Gibbs, formerly Barack Obama’s spokesman and MSNBC contributor…”

Probably McDonald’s sales being down 15 percent has something to do with it. Meanwhile, if you just want the very best hamburger & etc. money can by, there’s the more than 700 Whataburger locations across Texas. Yee-haw.

2 responses to “One more reason for Whataburger

  1. I have always been in love with Whataburgers. My wife prefers the burgers from this little seafood joint down near the mouth of the San Bernard, right on the river. I agree except for one thing: there is sugar in their buns. I just don’t like sugar in the bun of my hamburger. Still, there’s much to be said for a hand made, double thick meat patty over the frozen wafer thin ones in all the chain burger joints.

  2. Sweet buns on a burger? People were shot for less offensive ideas.