In which, egads, I defend Barry

Wormtongue’s being pilloried by the conservative blogs and sites, as usual, but undeservedly for once, I think, despite his admittedly regrettable attempt to turn the SC church shootings into a plea for more gun control. His remarks are being cherry-picked. Unfairly it seems to me. And I don’t say that often, as my rare readers know.

Thus spake his Earness: “At some point, we as a country will have to reckon with the fact that this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries. It doesn’t happen in other places with this kind of frequency.”

I think the second sentence is what he meant to say rather than the first one, and so he added it to try to clarify what he’d just said. The first sentence being preposterous, which is, of course, his default position on most issues, i.e. to lie, but the second one was an attempt to recover by saying something that, I think, is undeniable.

Indeed, these shootings happen more frequently here than elsewhere. Although it’s debatable why they do. Is it because of our larger population or due to the wider availability of guns? Lots of Americans, myself included, own guns but would never think of mass murdering. So I’d go with the larger population than in most other advanced countries. Which is another odd choice of words. Isn’t he supposed to believe in cultural relativism where there are no “advanced” countries?

Barry’s just not a very good speaker, especially not spontaneously, as we’ve all learned over the years. Despite his portrayal as a genius debater by the lapdog Democrat news media that covers for him. He gets himself into these rhetorical corners and has only himself to blame when he can’t get out.

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4 responses to “In which, egads, I defend Barry

  1. While I can agree that the frequency happens, the man whether or not he is a ‘good speaker’ is the President of the nation. He has to be able to articulate what he truly means. And frankly I think this is a time where his Freudian slip reveals exactly what he means.

    I Don’t think the first part was a mistake. i believe he truly believes it. Many gun control advocates sincerely state the same thing — it is an article of faith in their minds.

    Second, and more importantly, I believe in seeing what President Obama does and has done. He has worked, not above board but behind the scenes to enact gun control. That is the bottom line – that is his continuing objective.

    No matter the words what he does speaks so loud I can’t hear what he says.

    Bob S.

  2. I will only add that on most, if not all, occasions, Our Little Barry says one thing and does another, sometimes the opposite. He cannot be trusted.

  3. Well, I am not an advocate for any of the two (or three) opinions on the subject. The size of the country is definitely a factor, if you look, for instance, at the statistics per capita here:

    US occupies quite a humble spot in the list with 3.55 homicides per 100,000 and twice as many suicides. Not too good, but still not too exceptional, not if you compare these numbers with the “leaders”.

    As for trusting a pol: you know what I believe in 😉

    • Indeed, with Mexico at 10, Venezuala at 39, and South Africa at 17 homicides per 100K per year, we’re looking pretty good. Perhaps Our Little Barry is a low info kind of guy, with no access to Wikipedia.