The begging intensifies

Not the street corner panhandlers for which Austin is infamous throughout Texas. No, I’m talking about the GOP pols running for president. They only had until midnight last night to meet a federal quarterly deadline for proving their candidacy’s financial viability and they were panicking. As I’m sure they will be next quarter as well.

Their begging emails were backed up by more emails from their wives and their supporters and on and on. I figure most of them already have more money than I do and so why should I dig into my pockets to pay for their ambitions? And it’s not just the Cruz, Rubio, Paul, Walker, Jindal and others who want my money. It’s the probable nominee Bush.

Bush, the GOP establishment’s understood, pre-primary anointed, whose family wealth certainly dwarfs mine. And whose father has a direct pipeline to Saudi money via his presidential library in College Station. I wouldn’t give you a nickle Jeb. Do it on your own or don’t do it at all.

2 responses to “The begging intensifies

  1. Good call. Indeed let them sort it out first. If there appears one with a chance…

  2. The fix is in already. It’ll be Bush and he can do without any money from me.