Can we now ban Fart, Barf & Itch?

I mean they banned the Confederate battle flag after the Charleston church massacre. Now that they have figured out that the FBI played a greater role than the flag did, it would only be fair to ban Fart, Barf & Itch.

Particularly now that we also know they have been conspiring with our Little Barry Hussein to corrupt the IRS and the “Justice” Department.

Via Instapundit

UPDATE:  Of course the FBI screwed up. They’re bureaucrats with guns and that’s what bureaucrats do. But they may have been even more screwed up than usual, says Eugene Volokh.

7 responses to “Can we now ban Fart, Barf & Itch?

  1. Sennacherib

    Well it looks like they’ve got work in Mexico chasing ole Chapo.

  2. Sennacherib

    Damnit Stanley I forgot about your bandwidth, sorry about that, I’ll pay better attention next time.

  3. For you, your majesty, I’m going to backtrack and say what I have been thinking about lately, namely that putting these YouTube things up is okay. Let’s do it. I’ll even post a few of my own favs from time to time. So, have at it.

    It was never bandwidth. It was aesthetics, the “look” of the place. But I’ve changed my mind. 😉

  4. I wouldn’t abolish them. Reassignment is the ticket. They will be superb in ticketing the traffic offenders. This business will flourish and FBI will practically pay for its own upkeep.

  5. There is historical precedent. Their original boss, J. Edgar Hoover, had them working stolen car cases much of the time. It was Hollywood that made them the G-Men.

  6. Sennacherib

    Thanks Stanley,
    But don’t look for too many. I am told I have horrible taste in music and I can’t stand people who flood sites with links and videos.

  7. Well, okay. But I like that one by Townes. However as a retired agent friend has said, the FBI (his former employer) “couldn’t find their ass with both hands.”