Obama helps Iran get the bomb

Our Little Barry Hussein and his pal Lurch have pretended for months that they were drawing up a treaty with Iran to stop or at least slow their acquisition of nuclear weapons.

Instead, as is increasingly becoming apparent, they are consistently covering for Iran, almost acting as if they were Tehran’s defense lawyer against the West. Thereby helping the Iranians get the bomb. Appeasement that could very well lead to a nuclear World War III

Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu says the deal is “paving Iran’s way to many nuclear bombs and gives it hundreds of billions of dollars for its terrorism and conquest machine, thereby endangering the peace of the entire world.”

That’s about right, since the “deal” mainly depends on the word of dictators whose word has never been good.

Via Tablet Magazine & United With Israel.

UPDATE:  They will cheat, we will do nothing. An Iranian victory; a Western catastrophe.

MORE:  From military historian Frederick Kagan: “…the agreement says nothing about Iran’s terrorist activities, human-rights violations or role in regional weapons proliferation—all of which were drivers of the embargo in the first place. Iran makes no commitment to change its terrorist or oppressive ways, but the international community promises to eliminate those sanctions anyway.”

2 responses to “Obama helps Iran get the bomb

  1. Yeah. Very few, even of those who are reflectively on Obama’s side, are able to defend the agreement. In fact, Obama just made sure the Iranian nuke doesn’t happen during his watch. Nothing more.

  2. I wonder if the mullahs will honor even that short time. They are not known for honor.