Son of Urban Renewal

That’s what this plan to move the (mainly black) poor into affluent (read mainly white) neighborhoods across the country at the direction of Wormtongue’s HUD is all about. Except it will work its displacement in the suburbs.

Urban Renewal became known by its true name of Urban Removal, as the (mainly black) poor were driven out of their own inner city housing in favor of gentrification which only the (mainly white) affluent could then afford.

Here we’ll have the opposite: the (mainly white) affluent will be driven out of their suburban neighborhoods to accommodate the (mainly black) urban poor bearing federal subsidy vouchers for homes they couldn’t otherwise afford. And the affluent suburbs will become the ghetto. While the (mainly white) affluent will pull up stakes and move their lives somewhere else.

The feds should begin this cynical manipulation in (mainly affluent white) urban and suburban Northwest D.C., moving in the (mainly black) poor from D.C.’s decades-old Southeast urban ghetto. But they won’t. Their hypocrisy is absolute. Their turf is sacrosanct.

Via WSJ & Instapundit.

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