The French train staff hid

Those three four Americans who disarmed a would-be Islamist terrorist on a French train? Somehow our snooze media missed the details recounted by Paris Match: the train staff hid while the Americans were saving their fellow passengers.

Sheltering in place, apparently, the federal advice on what to do in terrorist attacks. Fight back? Perish the thought. Now we get to find out if the Americans (one Army, one Air Force, and two civilians, despite being called Marines in some reports) will be prosecuted for a hate crime. Ya think?

Via Ace & Gay Patriot

UPDATE:  The French government, at least, is pleased with them. And: Fear is contagious; so is courage.

MORE:  There was also a French-American college professor in on assaulting the jidhadi. The prof was shot. Just how incompetent is the snooze media these days in tracking down the details?

2 responses to “The French train staff hid

  1. I caught in one report that the NG took the AK and checked the other cars for more of them (I know I know it’s a risk, how would anyone know who he was. Don’t care!) that’s a BTDT move, good boy.

  2. Yep, the NG is not what it was in our day. The draft-dodgers are all gone, along with the draft.