Fearing Trump

“Consider whether Trump is revealing something that has long been true about the American presidency, that he is not such a great outlier. And I’m not just talking about Obama. I’m thinking about all the Presidents I remember in my lifetime. It’s a trajectory, and if you plot it out, you’d see that Trump is next. Trump is next, we are idiots, and we are screwed.”

Oh, I don’t know. Other than the fact that he’s a probable ringer for (as Ace calls her) Grandmonster Hillary, how could he (or even Socialist Bernie) possibly be any worse than our perpetually-lying adolescent, affirmative-action hire Barry Hussein?

Via Althouse.

UPDATE:  Trump booted Univision’s pro-illegals “journalist” from his presser. Then allowed him back and more or less said he didn’t mind illegals, only the criminal ones: “I want the [good ones] to come back.” But legally. What a concept! And the other Ann (Coulter) likes him.

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