Ma’s plan to further screw the economy

Ma Barker, not satisfied with Barry Hussein’s seven years of a miserable economy, has her own plans to further the Democrat’s disaster.

“…Hillary Clinton is proposing an FDR-style tax distortion for investments, and Alan Reynolds describes what happened after this policy was implemented in the 1930s. ‘In the 12 months between February 1937 and 1938, the Dow Jones Industrial stock average fell 41%…That crash presaged one of the nation’s worst recessions, from May 1937 to June 1938, with GDP falling 10% and industrial production 32%…'”

Modern Democrats, you can count on them not to understand economics or even remember the historic failures of their own party. Even the former Democrat, El Trumpo, a businessman who ought to know better, is proposing a no-growth policy. He wants to raise taxes. He claims they’ll only hit the rich. Being rich himself, with all sort of opportunities to shelter his fortune from the tax man, he knows that isn’t true.

Via The WSJ’s James Freeman

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