Banning superheroes

In the education bureaucracy’s never-ending Marxist class struggle against political INcorrectness, some school district somewhere (alas these pseudo journalists have not bothered to learn where) has banned superhero lunchboxes and apparel in the name of conquering violence—against all reason.

“If you know anything about superheroes, the underlying morality is pretty much everything. Supervillains use their powers for evil ends. Superheroes use theirs to protect the vulnerable and uphold the good. Teaching kids that there’s no difference between the two is the very opposite of moral education.”

Ah, but that’s the point. Moral education is devisive. Moral education is subjective. We can’t have evil people going around feeling inferior to so-called good people. This whole distinction between good and evil is a mere social construct imposed by white male elites on the very marrow of our fragile, multicultural society. And it must be condemned by the right-er-left-thinking.

So ban Wonder Women, Thor and the Hulk. Ban them, I say! For the greater good.

Via National Review.

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