Classless Notre Dame

Damn cheaters. Not content with beating the Horns, 17-0 at the half, they had to cheat ’em out of a field goal. Classless m’f**kers.

Twice their classless head coach called a last-few-seconds timeout—from the sidelines where the Horns on the field couldn’t see him—seconds before the Horns snapped the ball for a field goal try. Both times the ball went through the uprights. But they were no good because of the timeout calls. The last time, when the cheaters had no more timeouts to call in the last few seconds, the kicker missed.

They’re called the Fighting Irish. When 95 percent of their team is African American. Not an Irishman in the bunch. What a sham. And they’re cheaters, too!

UPDATE:  ND, whose classless coach Brian Kelly may be the only real Irishman on the field, won 38-3. Texas looked like 2014: a mediocre defense, a porous offensive line and a quarterback who couldn’t connect with his receivers, 7/22, even when they could get open. And 3-yard running backs just ain’t gonna cut it. Charlie Strong has served up another cream-puff team. Stinkeroo!

MORE:  The daily’s Kirk Bohl’s might not agree with everything I wrote here about ND’s Kelly, but he did call Kelly’s timeout calls “very rude” and added “I just hate the rule that allows coaches to call a timeout just nanoseconds before the ball is snapped. I’d alter the rule and force coaches to ask for a timeout before the center grabs the ball. Just patently unfair to kickers.” No kidding.

2 responses to “Classless Notre Dame

  1. You don’t have to sugar coat it Scrib.

  2. It made me so damn mad, watching that sneaky bastard do it. It is not strictly cheating, I realize, but it was classless in the extreme. Like running up the score on a hapless opponent just because you can. Screw Notre Dame.