Steve Patterson: Hatchet Man

My old friend Marcos the barber has the best take I’ve heard yet on why Texas athletic director Steve Patterson was fired today. Marcos, a devoted Longhorns fan, figures they hired Patterson to impose a long list of changes, take the heat for all of it and then be fired for it, making the university look innocent. With a bonus, in addition to his guaranteed $1.4 million  a year through 2019.

Among other things, Patterson cleared the basketball and football decks of white head coaches and hired black head coaches for what are, after all, mostly black teams: Shaka Smart and Charlie Strong. He also raised ticket prices at the football stadium, instituted sales there of beer and cleared some of the deadwood donors from their box seats to make room for new, richer blood. None of which changes are likely to be reversed, according to Marcos, since they are undoubtedly what the U. wanted all along.

“Arrogant, uncaring, humorless,” the daily’s Kirk Bohls describes Patterson. In other words the perfect hatchet man. If you ever read it in the local snooze media just remember you saw it here first. Courtesy of my friend Marcos.

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