Mrs. Charm comes home today

She’s been in Seton Hospital for ten days now. The first four were for her second round of high-dose chemo for her recurrent lymphoma cancer. The next five were to recover from what was initially diagnosed to be a probable seizure but has since come to be regarded as a particularly intense version of “chemo brain.”

So bad on Monday and Tuesday that her Austin onocologist considers it a show stopper. Either she’ll get a smaller dose for the next round or she’ll get a different brand. Of course whether there’ll be a third round at all depends on testing to be done Oct. 6 at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

This last day of her Seton stint will be spent (as began last night) charming the nurses down to their toes. It’s good for Seton she’ll be coming home this afternoon. Otherwise there’d soon be a mob of nurses making pilgrimages to her room.

UPDATE:  And then the oncologist decided her potassium and magnesium counts were too low and she might need a platelets infusion by Sunday morning. So she’s still in the hospital.

MORE:  Finally came home Monday evening. Probably wishes she was back there as my cooking cannot compete with hospital fare.

One response to “Mrs. Charm comes home today

  1. I hope she rests comfortably.