The Great Divider

Not content with playing class warfare with his babble about the 99 percent vs the 1 percent, nor of constantly scolding white Americans for their alleged entrenched racism, our Barry Hussein went and criticized us before the UN. Again.

“Despite all the prosperity and peace his polices have led to [in his dreams], he said, some Americans still shamefully argue that ‘the only strength that matters for the United States is bellicose words and shows of military force.’ And they’re guided by an absolute opposition to China, Russia, Iran or Islam.”

His pals at the the Dictator’s Club (i.e. the UN) lately have declared war on, wait for it, violent video games. Which they claim are especially bad for women and girls. As usual, they have no criticism of honor killings, murders of Muslim women who “allow” themselves to be raped, and the way in which Muslim women and girls generally are treated like cattle. But, then, Barry doesn’t either.

Via New York Post