Saving Austin from the bums

Our bums lately are sometimes too busy staring at the screens of their smart phones to even hold up their begging signs. Tough life. But there’s hope right here in River City.

To be homeless in New York City today means three meals a day, a microwave oven, TV, free laundry, free Internet, free health care and a prepaid cell phone with 300 minutes a month. That was a few years ago. Maybe they have free laptops now. If that sounds like a better deal than most New Yorkers or tourists get, you’re right. It’s why bums from across the country and even the world have been flocking to the privileged life of a Big Apple bum.”

Oh, joy, Austin’s bums finally may have a bigger attraction. True, it’s colder up there in Yankeeland, but the summers ain’t near as hot. And they have pro sports for further entertainment.

Forget Go West. Go Northeast!

Via Sultan Knish.

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