Let the murderous Pallys have their state

Then, when they start knifing Israelis, shooting at cars on Israel’s highways or launching missiles like their buds in Gaza, bomb them into the stone age.

“…this seemingly complex conflict has only two simple, practical solutions. The first is to agree with Abbas that Oslo is dead, and act swiftly and mercilessly against the terrorist cells that launch or inspire those who stab, shoot, and blow up Jews….

“…the second practical solution: the unilateral disengagement plan…unilaterally annex a thin strip of the West Bank. Annex it, and annex the Jordan Valley, too…

“Israeli Arabs who deeply resent living in a Jewish state—like the scum who sipped his soft drink as innocents were being stabbed in front of his eyes in Jerusalem the other day, or the shopkeepers who laughed and spat at a wounded Jewish woman seeking shelter for herself and her toddler—could opt to move to the other side of the fence…”

Where these darlings of  the West’s leftist news media fascists could wallow in their own Muslim kleptocracy. It won’t satisfy them or the Dictator’s Club (aka the United Nations), but so what? When they have a state, treat them like any other foreign power. If they attack, declare war like any state would and bomb them mercilessly.

Via Tablet Magazine

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