Diluting the stock

“A country is a lot like a company and the citizens are stock holders. It’s not a perfect analogy, but a useful one. What our rulers seek to do is dilute the value of citizenship by offering it to whoever staggers along….

“If everyone on earth is eligible for the benefits of citizenship, as long as they get to America, what point is there in being a citizen? More important, why would anyone try to make the country better? The whole point of investing in a company or a country is to make it better. In the case of a country, better for your descendants. If the children of foreigners are going to take from your kids the fruit of your labor, why bother?”

Why, indeed. Especially if the foreigners staggering in plan to do it on welfare.

Via Mouth of The Brazos.

2 responses to “Diluting the stock

  1. No warmth, no peace, eh? Back to Syria wi ye!