A rainy winter ahead

A strong El Nino tends to bring lots of rain to Central Texas, and meteorologists say the latest El Nino is continuing to grow stronger.

“The forecaster consensus remains nearly unchanged, with the expectation that this El Niño could rank among the top three strongest episodes as measured by the 3-month SST departures in the Niño 3.4 region going back to 1950.”

Via KXAN Weather blog

4 responses to “A rainy winter ahead

  1. Same here. The winter started briskly this time.

  2. Wet so far, with light rain today. Our soil drought of several years is over.

  3. I do love our weather guessers, any front approaching from any direction is historic, unprecedented, and within a razor’s edge of being fatal to all known civilization (or to any of the interminable special events downtown) that has existed. I for one am glad my earthy time was 2,700yrs ago, a serene, placid, and idyllic time.

  4. “2,700yrs ago, a serene, placid, and idyllic time.” Except of course you guys Snoopy running around with plagues, pillars of fire, and what not. Made life a little hard for honest despots such as I.