Snapchat’s new use

Snapchat, the latest social media app, was designed for the transmission of photos. It later became a vehicle for sexting—the sending of intimate selfies.

Its big advantage is that after opening a Snapchat missive, it eventually disappears, making the photo ephemeral, a quickie look with no evidence left behind.

That’s the part that now appeals to teens of Mr. B.’s 15 years. The no evidence left behind part. So,  instead of just sending photos, intimate or otherwise, they now send messages with content they don’t want to be caught sending.

The msg gets through and the evidence disappears. Convenient, eh?

2 responses to “Snapchat’s new use

  1. Then again, if someone hits the Print Screen button before the picture disappears — well, there’s a source of angst right there.

  2. Hm… I also heard there are some security holes in Snapchat as well.