The president who won’t

“President Obama finally acknowledged last night that the attack in San Bernardino was an ‘act of terrorism.’ Yet, as a Journal editorial observes, “the President devoted most of his speech to defending the strategy he has pursued for 16 months against Islamic State without much success. He cited his bombing campaign, but he didn’t mention that the vast majority of sorties drop no bombs because of the limits he has placed on the military.“

Or maybe the headline should be the president who can’t. Can’t admit he was wrong. Keep making those range trips, guys. Keep practicing hitting center mass. It’s for sure the feds aren’t going to be of any help.


7 responses to “The president who won’t

  1. I do hope you are quoting other sources. In other words, you didn’t actually watch or listen to this frikkin’ idiot spouting his garbage, did you?

  2. Quote is from Wall Street Journal.Never have watched his speeches. Couldn’t care less what he says or how he says it.

  3. You seemed not to like Youtube links, but I don’t know about any other way, so here is a good one re that speech:

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  5. They place such a paramount importance on the “narrative” that (at least in their minds) once they admit that even a small part of it is wrong then it’s essentially all over. I also believe this is true. You can tell they know it’s coming apart, from statements that their “message” isn’t getting through to it’s not being received, blah blah blah. They understand that once doubt enters the picture then the whole edifice is called into question (schools, news media, Hollywood, etc), what I think they don’t get is that the process of their downfall is much more advanced than they realized. In essence they have begun to believe their own press and that is deadly for them. You can count on Obama and the upper echelon (along with their secular theologians) to never ever admit they were wrong.

  6. And the next president, very likely the Hildabeast, certainly won’t either.