More climate change shuck

Climate change ought to be a debate but is buried under so many tons of political, scientist and celebrity bullshit that the best it draws from most critics is a healthy snort.

Hey, “Hans Solo” is fighting to save the planet. Gosh I’m impressed. Aren’t you?

Me, I prefer the acerbic like Mark Steyn, a bold marauder if there ever was one. Only weak arguments, Steyn notes, require the muzzling of their opponents. Yep.

Especially when the “solution” to this weak argument is frightening in itself.

Fortunately, our Little Barry Hussein has as much influence on this as he does generally, i.e. none.

UPDATE:  Lurch,  our halfwit secretary of state and, not incidentally, the husband of a ketchup heiress, calls for the public shaming of climate change deniers: his master’s preferred alternative to proof or debate.

5 responses to “More climate change shuck

  1. Hmm… I read recently a report from a Russian Arctic researcher. He points out some clear signs of ice reduction it is difficult to argue with – such as almost no need in ice breaker ships for navigation in Northern seas in recent years, but on the other hand there is growth of ice in Antarctic. So I am sitting on the fence, uncomfortable as it might be.

    Still, the main question – whether the changes are caused by human activity – remains open.

  2. Ice reduction or growth is a seasonal thing. Always has been. The alarmists rarely point that out.

  3. Stanley and Snoop,
    Here is a site that is fairly good on the scientific aspect of this topic:

  4. Well I see you have WUWT listed on your blogroll to the left. With perceptive ability like this I should take up snake hunting.

  5. I have it on the right side too. Not bad, all things considered. And Dick: re the navigation – I listened to the man’s podcast, here is totally not in the global warming issue, being an Arctic researcher in general. He was talking about seasons in Russian Northern seas where normally a fleet of icebreakers would have been employed to lead the other ships through the ice and these days the icebreakers stay at home. Otherwise his interests were elsewhere, for example supporting research for the drilling in the Arctic and other similar stuff.