Self-clean oven self cleaned

For reasons I no longer recall, Mrs. C. did not believe in running the self-clean cycle on the rancho’s self-cleaning Frigidaire gas oven.I think she didn’t like the smell it put out on the self-clean setting. Result: the glass door was incredibly soiled on the inside. Most of the interior was okay. I guess she cleaned that part by hand.

The other day I decided to run it on its two-hour cycle. Opened windows and turned on ceiling fans. Fortunately it was warmish outside (well, in the 50s) so we didn’t freeze, Senor Gato and me (Mr. B. was gone to school) and the smell was tolerable.

Best part is, later, when the cycle was over and the oven had cooled down again, I followed the instructions and wiped down the interior with a damp cloth, including the glass on the inside of the door. Whoop-de-do. The glass is clean for the first time I can remember. Several years, anyhow. I’m so far successfully resisting any more major cleaning efforts, however.

2 responses to “Self-clean oven self cleaned

  1. We have this self-cleaning (electric) thing that always makes me nervous when I hear it working with no food to heat inside.

    Oh, it also continues to run its blower when you switch it off, to cool itself obviously, but this too doesn’t improve my outlook. I still hate it when a house appliance becomes too clever.

  2. Yes, the new smart appliances that turn themselves on at the command of your smart phone from another state are worth worrying about.