Our inept Navy


You could blame Obumbles. Lots of people are. But it was our allegedly mighty Navy that made the mess he only stepped in. Presumably the immediate, on-scene commander of this humiliation has been relieved and is awaiting courts martial and a ruined career. They do that to commanders whose boats merely run aground. Not to mention the chatty noncom who ought to be booted.

Via PowerLine & Mouth of the Brazos

UPDATE:  Instead of competence, this is what they focus on.

4 responses to “Our inept Navy

  1. I can’t convey how angry this makes me. Of course considering the moves this administration has made for the last 12 months you just knew the Iranians would do something like this. It’s hard for me to criticize those who were there and in charge, since I’m not privileged to all their orders and understandings from up top, but someone should hang for this in the echelons above. Damn these so called “reality based” people. When “reality” comes knocking they only know to kneel.

  2. Pretty amazing all around. Probably never will hear the whole story.

  3. Who is better than military (any military) in stonewalling? It will remain another of the stories we’ll never hear.

  4. True, they could give the pols lessons.