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No surprise it came from China

“The rapid economic growth in southern China has led to an increasing demand for animal proteins including those from exotic game food animals such as civets. Large numbers and varieties of these wild game mammals in overcrowded cages and the lack of biosecurity measures in wet markets allowed the jumping of this novel virus from animals to human…”

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Another Day, Another Allahu Akbar

“The interior of the train was soaked in blood. . . . One thing is certain, he wasn’t kidnapped in Afghanistan and dragooned around the world to Germany. He came voluntarily, and either was a terrorist-in-waiting all the while, or else was radicalized by traumatic exposure to Western culture. The public policy issue implicated by such attacks is, of course, immigration.”

Nineteen wounded, three critically. Meanwhile, our little Barry Hussein is bringing them here by the planeload. Diversity, when it means more Muslims, is not our strength.

The Hildabeast would double down. We need Trump or we’re doomed.

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Our inept Navy


You could blame Obumbles. Lots of people are. But it was our allegedly mighty Navy that made the mess he only stepped in. Presumably the immediate, on-scene commander of this humiliation has been relieved and is awaiting courts martial and a ruined career. They do that to commanders whose boats merely run aground. Not to mention the chatty noncom who ought to be booted.

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UPDATE:  Instead of competence, this is what they focus on.

Send a map to Jeff Fager

Fager? Oh, he’s the chairman of cBS Snooze and executive producer of their really tedious (when it’s not wildly biased) Sunday segment 60 Minutes.

Is Bethlehem surrounded by Israel’s security wall, making Christ’s birthplace “an open-air prison”? So reported 60 Minutes. But a map clearly shows no wall to the south or east.

Fager, one of the poobahs of disgraced anchorman Dan Rather’s (“fake but accurate”) network, refuses to correct the mistake, however.

So as CAMERA. org says we should all get together and send a map to Fager.

I remember the days when people like Fager had a monopoly on “the truth,” when there was no Internet and so no easy way to rebut their mendacity. I don’t miss those days, but I bet Fager does. I’m sure Dan Rather does. Heh.

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UPDATE:  While you’re sending a map to Fager at cBS, send a clue to the other alphabet snooze “shows.” They won’t report facts that interfere with their narrative on climate change.

Our creepy president

Barry’s recent reactions to the multiple scandals of his administration are revealing the real man behind the passive “black” mask:

“It turns out that they have nothing to do with him: he has no idea what is going on in the Treasury Department, the Department of Justice, the State Department, the IRS, or, apparently, anywhere else, other than what he reads in the newspaper. He takes no responsibility…”

Not to mention his baldfaced lie (at the Defense University, of all places) that the Islamists are on the ropes and we can safely and immediately conclude the Bush war on terror. In fact, as Spengler rebuts:

“[W]e face tens of thousands–-perhaps millions–-of anonymous enemies armed with cheap weapons,  but advantaged by the element of surprise and the will to commit suicide in order to damage us. We have entered a new and terrible epoch of war–and the president has announced that the war is over.”

Of course President Pinocchio’s delusions are only surprising to those who have not been paying attention to the leader of the Choom Gang. His entire claim to fame all along has been race. How else could an opponent of bans on late-term abortions in the Illinois legislature have been elected U.S. senator and then president?

Otherwise, as Sultan Knish succinctly explains, Barry is no less than Grima Wormtongue:

“The man in the White House clawed his way to power by stabbing his mentor in the back, leaking the divorce records of his political opponents and throwing out the votes of Democrats in Florida and Michigan to claim the nomination. And he was just getting started.

“In the last election, Obama urged voters to punish our ‘enemies’. It was a window into the mindset of a man who moans and groans about partisan politics, but talks like Huey Long when he gets in front of the right audience.”

The Kingfish in black face, well, the tan man in “black” political cover. Our recipient of the politically-correct Nobel Peace Prize is anything but peaceful, just like his prize predecessor Yasser Arafat, the world’s then oldest terrorist. Although Arafat had the virtue of being open about it most of the time.

If the loyal Democrat stenographers of the snooze media hadn’t been diligently covering Barry’s sorry ass since 2008, his duplicity wouldn’t be keeping his polls up. He’d be as disgraced as he is disgraceful.

And then, briefly, his chief stenographer, the NYTimes, turned on him. Until Drudge used the line “has lost all credibility” in a headline and some NYTimes elves snuck in to their Web site and rewrote it to soften it. Still in the tank.

UPDATE:  More consequences of Wormtongue’s creepy lies

Benghazi was a coverup. Is there a Boston one?

“So, via an anonymous leak, we are being told that, at a time when Tsarnaev was still in critical condition and unable to speak, investigators interrogated him––just long enough, apparently, to get his assurance that no one else was involved in the plot.

“Having gotten that non-verbal representation, as we are now told by the anonymous spokesman, the administration promptly got Tsarvaev a lawyer and, in effect, told him to shut up….if the Obama administration wants to obstruct the investigation and prevent all of the facts from being known soon, if ever, it is off to an excellent start.”

It’s amazing how hard the secular Left–which has no use for Christianity and barely tolerates Judaism–works to protect Islam.

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Yesterday’s global cooling

The pols like to keep the little people agitated with one scare or another—see the Boy Emperor’s current gun control campaign which has no chance of becoming law—because it helps keep the snooze media busy while hiding the thieving they’re actually, uh, spending their time and our money on.

The Texas Legislature does it every biennium with some threat of, say, new regulations for abortion (the snooze media backs abortion, you see).

Hence global warming/climate change’s little-remembered antecedent: global cooling leading to an imminent Ice Age. Ah, but these are scientists who preach this stuff, you say? Not really, they’re politicos with science degrees who depend on federal funding to keep their university jobs. And who controls the funding? Congratulations. Now you’re catching on.

Via Powerline, which has a neat video clip showing one “activist” who lately has preached warming actually preaching cooling way back when. Gotta love the Internet.