Wormtongue’s latest fiction

Our little Barry Hussein claimed in his latest (and thankfully last) State of the Union speech that he has, wait for it, led an economic resurgence. Oh, my. Only he, his diehard supporters, and his federal statistics-gathering minions seem able to see it.

The National Association of Counties released figures the same day proving them all wrong.

“…six years after the economic expansion began, 93 percent of U.S. counties have failed to fully recover from the devastating contraction they suffered during the recession.

“Only 7 percent, or 214 out of 3,069 counties nationwide, recovered by 2015 to their pre-2008 numbers on total employment, economic expansion, home values and unemployment.”

More evidence, in case we needed it, of why ballooning Austin and Central Texas traffic has become a nightmare. Because droves of refugees from the Obama/Democrat economy elsewhere are moving here for jobs that pay better than flipping burgers at McDonald’s.

Via Salena Zito at RealClear Politics.

2 responses to “Wormtongue’s latest fiction

  1. All that remains for you is to persuade Elon Musk to move his latest transportation project to Texas instead of CA. With the direction CA economy is going, they might just not need it 😉

  2. True, when most of their population already is here.