Adios, Ziggy Street

The city government played along for a while. Then they got serious.

Yesterday they removed the David Bowie street sign that Ziggy Stardust fans had got up in place of Bowie Street, an apparent reference to slave dealer and Alamo icon James Bowie, though the history on the original sign is unclear.

The change was less about slavery than about the rocker who finally fell to earth the other day, dead at 69 from cancer, the great destroyer.

Nice try, Ziggy fans. Keep pushing the formal petition. You never know, what with the slavery angle in a city as politically correct as Austin, you just might succeed. After all, Ziggy already has a whole constellation to himself.


2 responses to “Adios, Ziggy Street

  1. Dunno. This drive for political correctness in street names, monuments etc. looks more like an attempt to erase collective memories. Why not let the history just be?

  2. Because it gives the pols something to do besides steal.